Who are Max Appliances?

The proven MAXMATIC design of waste disposal units, have been made in Britain for nearly 50 Years. Max Appliances is an independent British company based in Sussex – we buy over 90% of our raw materials from British businesses.

For a Clean and Hygienic Kitchen

With a Maxmatic, food waste is flushed away down your existing drain, leaving your food preparation and bin area’s clean and free from hygiene problems. No more unpleasent odours from overflowing bins or leaking bags.

Effective and Convenient

With a MAXMATIC unit virtually all food waste including small bones can be disposed of at the flick of a switch, unavoidable spillage and residue from semi-liquid foods such as casseroles, become a thing of the past. Competitive products often have annoying restrictions to use or are unacceptably noisy- some cannot even cope with the simple tea bag! – correctly chosen and installed MAXMATIC units will give many years of trouble free service with in home warranties available from two to ten years. However should a major problem occur our nation-wide team of service engineers will quickly get you up and running again.

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